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Southern pronunciation of the word "pretty".
"You got perty hair..."
by Dave January 15, 2004
that gal over there sure is perty
by Anonymous November 03, 2003
It's like pretty, but in hick-formation.
Hayy you perty. Wanna head on back over to my farm? I got a large plow, iffin it tickles yer fancy
#pretty #perty #sexy #hick #plow
by Wichoww January 25, 2011
A party, or a gathering of people in celebration!
Refuse to use the word 'party', because perty is cooler, apparently.
Sometimes spelt with two y's, as in "pertyy"
Looking forward to your halloween perty!
#party #gathering #get-together #pertyy #birthday
by stumps101 March 21, 2010
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