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A plagiarist, fraud. A person with a seeming reputation for scholarship and professionalism, who turns out to be a plagiarist (and possible charlatan). Named after the eminent TV psychiatrist and 'author' Raj Persaud who, in June 2008, had to account for many examples of plagiarism before the British General Medical Council.
Simon is a persaud. His phd was a copy 'n' paste job.
John's thesis is a complete persaud. He's been sent down!
I haven't got the time, inclination, intelligence or talent to do this essay properly. I'll persaud it off the internet.
#plagiarist #liar #thief #fraud #charlatan
by Richard J June 17, 2008
Overly classy
That all white suit is so persaud.
#classy #overdone #gaudy #over dressed #ridiculous
by wordtomyredflag November 16, 2010
Brilliant, hilarious half Jamaican- half Indian Cornell grad with a decent background in molecular physiology. Has a penchant for extreme drinking, partying and doing impressions of Sean Connery and Eric Cartman.
Steve is such a lie
by Steve Persaud May 02, 2005
To use the grammatical statement "like" excessively, and to over exagerrate excitement about various articles of clothing.
It's a FUCKING SWEATER you Persaud
by Ryan Weiss November 22, 2004
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