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1. An abbreviation for perpetrator. (Someone suspected of a crime)
2. An abbreviation for Purple Haze, a breed of particularly potent marijuana that displays purple fibers.
1. After a fed showing various mugshots and sketches to a witness, he asks, "Do any of these resemble the perp?"
2. "Smoke perp by the pound, ounce by the fifth ..."
-Young Jeezy, "Trap or Die"
by 50-Septim October 24, 2005
REALLY good weed. short for purple, referring to one of the many strains of purple weed.
purple haze
purple kush
grand daddy purp and
purple monster
This perp is some of the best bud i have ever smoked.
by mdk182 February 08, 2008
perpetrator, one who a police officer suspects of a crime
The perpetrator exited the vehicle and made a furtive gesture as if to seize a weapon, whereupon I blew him away.
by Octopod November 12, 2003
A "Perp" occurs in a game of chess when one side can constantly keep checking the other's King with no way to stop it. The game is then a draw should the player who is doing all the checks refuses to stop.
By capturing his opponents Knight, he left his own King wide open to a Perp, thus allowing his opponent to be able to place it in check as many times as he wants without any way to stop it.
by Jason Welch Grandmaster January 08, 2013
Surfer slang for "perfect".
Have you seen Perps Susie? She's so hot.

That last set was totally perps.
by Chance MaLance March 29, 2011
To have sex using a horizontal flat surface (e.g. table) in which one person, laying on the surface, is perpendicular to their male partner, who is standing up (or on his knees).
Babe, can I please push all the papers and pens off this desk so we can perp on it already?!
by Jmimes August 30, 2014
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