Polish dumpling filled with cheese and variety of single veggie or meat item. Originated from Northern China. It has been incorporated into numerous European home cooking.
I want to try a different stuffing for the perogi at my next pot luck.
by Jack Wong September 18, 2003
Top Definition
I dunno about perogi being of Chinese origin, in fact I totally dispute it for dispute's sake, but before you get so angry I'll have to find a way to eat you, dumplings are good.

Um...indeed the definition you gave is true to the nature of perogies, they're dumplings a.k.a. "stuffed grain-flour pockets" that can be stuffed with anything that can survive frying, baking or boiling.

Great with coleslaw.
Me: Have some perogi
Perogi Afficiando: Oh, I've got my own.
Me: Wow...we can have a perogi party, do you have a pretty daughter?
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