Perverted Evil Playful Pixie

Pixies, as described in fantasy tales, are mischievous and prone to pranks. If we were to have such a pixie that had added emphasis on being perverted, evil, and playful, it would certainly be described as being extremely energetic and full of spirit. Hence I modified it to the acronym PEPP=PEP
Don't be fooled by her quiet front, she's really a PEPP.
by AznSensation March 17, 2007
Top Definition
Illest nigga in nyc
pepps came by and rocked with the illness
by mikey bag'a donuts June 29, 2004
Waving in front of someone's mouth (preferably with a wing, but a hand will do), making owl noises.
Eem pepped me three times while I was trying to eat.
by LeRainieur June 13, 2004
(Noun) - Pepps is another term used for large nipples. Often called "Pepperoni's", while "Pepps" is a shorter, easier spoken term for large nipples.
Wow, would you look at the pepps on him!

You can make a wonderful pizza with those pepps!

His pepps are one of a kind.

Gee, I'm glad I have a friend with nice pepps.
by mysteryghost September 17, 2011
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