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The universal pronoun, also used as an exclamation, possesive, article, curse word, or demonstrative.

"Eem" first came about from various sportscasters, notably Phil Simms, as a shortening of the word "him" after a verb. Since, the word has evolved into various uses and is perhaps the most useful word on the planet.
"Aah, there's the penalty, he hooked eem."

"Sir, could you get pass eem butter?"

"Whose bicycle is that?"
"Oh, it's eems."

"Oh, eem it to hell!"

"Call eem over!"
by Eem May 13, 2005
56 27
a derogatory nickname for an emo
'look at that filthy eem'
by ben-j August 28, 2007
20 6
A word used to replace a thing or object, having a similar meaning to the word "it." Can also be used to replace a person, with a similar meaning to "him/her."
"Toss 'eem here!"
"Proved 'eem wrong."
by Drag 'eem down February 04, 2009
6 0
This means "him" or "it" Also means "cool". It originates from saying "got him" or similar phrases used that make "him" sound like EEM- "Got-EEM", "Tell-EEM", "Had-EEM" etc.
"I told-EEM", "What'd you tell-EEM?", "I had-EEM", "Thats EEM"...
by Coboly81utube October 30, 2006
11 6
derrived from the word emo; used as an offensive adjective or noun describing emo like behaviour or appearance.
"Seriously dude, man the fuck up and stop being so eems."
by the cave of man March 24, 2008
4 1
Even. To make even, set straight. To go there.
EX. DON'T EEM say anything. The man pushed the gun into her side for her to not eem say anything.
by Author, Teresa Rae Butler November 23, 2005
13 15