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An italian name, which means "Large Penis" in the ancient indian language.
Indian: Did you see that guy?
Other Indian: Yes.
Indian: i wonder if he has a Giuseppe?
Other Indian: Probably.
#good looking #big penis #athletic #flirt #smart
by Wiki Encyclopedia June 04, 2009
An annoying person but a good friend.
Your such a giuseppe
by Thecrazycatlady April 20, 2016
A limp dick after long and hard sex. Also when a dick gets limp halfway through sex, such as when switching from missionary position to doggy, resulting in having to mash the dick in half-limp.
Jenny: What's wrong baby? Let's go again.

Richard: Sorry baby, I really want to, I just have a Giuseppe.
#giuseppe #limp dick #floppycock #limpdick #boner #anti-boner #sex #doggy-style
by Xenu310h!!!! September 10, 2009
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