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Greatest Italian football team ever and one of the bests in the world. Some of the great players to have played at Juventus include Paolo Rossi, Michel Platini, Roberto Baggio, Gianluca Vialli, Michael Laudrup and many others..

Juventus will kick Real Madrid's ass again this year!!
Juventus will kick Real Madrid's ass one more time this year!!
by Neo77 February 16, 2004
Association of thiefs as seen recently in the newspapers. They've stolen the last few football titles and now deservedly they will be relegated to the third division.
Juvecettazioni: Italian people created this word using Juventus to mean "tapping the phone line to listen to people making dodgy dea"ls.
by Giovanni76 July 09, 2006
A Serie B team that can't fill it's stadium and cheats by taking drugs and paying refs.
Moggi(ex-general direcror of Juventus) to Papresta: "How much for the Reggina game?"
by Rajev September 27, 2006
Gay Italian soccer team everyone of em. Esp Totti aka spitter I will F him up.
Your so bad you should play for Juventus. ex buffon/nedved/del piero.
by MAN U March 05, 2006
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