Top Definition
means to pennertrate another with a big object usually a penis or a finger or a lollipop
i pennoed dat bitch last nyt
she was as tasty as a jammy dodger
by bigbluegash October 20, 2007
slang term for a pensioner.
look at that penno's huge coat.
by peewee0009 March 23, 2007
trendy/pikie kid livin around hereford area thinks there ard. slag u off if u int wearin nike trainers
*ridin along on ya bmx wid ya m8*
Penno 1:oi gimme ur bike
u or m8: fukin penno master
by Anonymous September 01, 2003
slut, single mum, loves trisso, sailor girl, pom puncher, cunt of a kid, but loves chocko
when the sailors are in town, penno is around
by dog June 13, 2003
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