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The act of accidentally rubbing your penis up against another dude's penis during double penetration of a woman.
'Bubba and I tag-teamed Cindy Lou and we ended up crossing swords! Nasty!'
by Syd Barrett April 20, 2006
A form of male bonding. When two males share a urinal or toilet bowl during urination, the two males cross their pee streams in a manner to harken to the act of crossing swords in battle. They may even have pee fights where they trade stream hits much like jedi trade lightsaber blows.
In an act of brotherly bonding, Mike and Joe decided to cross swords one day.
by Mike June 12, 2004
When two males engage in unorthadox fucking by rubbing their dicks together.
Were you and Ryan engaged in sexual intercourse before his death?

Do you mean were we crossing swords?!
by BlahBlahBla!! July 10, 2008
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