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(Australian) An ethnic person, particularly Mediteranian. Contraction of 'Chocolate Frog', rhyming slang for 'wog'.
Pauly: "It's an anti-chocko conspiracy"
by unknown July 25, 2003
Term used for Australian Army Reservist. A contraction of "Chocolate Soldier" - melt in the heat of battle
Regular soldier: Fuckin' Chockos!
Chocko : Go do my job for a day...
by AngryChegro July 10, 2003
a person that has recently come off a boat; an ethnic person, particularly of mediterranean or middle eastern descent
lost guy: what nationality are you?
chocko: mate, i'm a chocko, and what are you gonna do about it, stooge!?
by bugs runny May 10, 2003
Person who thinks they are rather good looking and often rather cut/ripped, unfortunately most of the world thinks these people are wankers.

Originated in Italy in the early 1900's the pandemic has spread to Australia after the millennium where the majority of the boys are now 'Metro Chock'Os' pronounced chock'oooooooo.

Cock'o's are often cut and good looking, they usually score attractive girls, however they leave a path of destruction often leaving female's unsatisfied, fustrated and eventuly turning them lesbian....quickly,

They are the scourge of society in Australia and can usually be found at beaches, gyms and the chicken and protein sections of your local super markets.

Unless you need something to grate your cheese on (AKA their abs) avoid at all costs.
person 1: hey that guy is huge!!

person 2: Yeah man he is cut!

person 3 : What a Chock'oooooo

person 2: hahaha wanker


Chick 1: "hey how'd you go with that guy Brenton?" " he was so big and hot"

Chick 2" Hahaha who Chock'oooooooo boy? what a dud, he was so small and useless i had to play with the goal keeper myself"

Chick 1 " ohh really?"

Chick 2 "i think i love you...will you play with my goal keeper?"

Chick 1 "sure!"
by Turbo 12347 March 29, 2010
a popular sexual position used mainly by three or more lesbians at a time.
I think you're hot, wanna have a chocko with me and my girlfriends, we can make you scream like a banchee.
by sexy biotch September 19, 2003
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