To take the cap off of a pen, then put it back on. Generally used to calm or distract.
When cole for rejected by a girl, he started penning to take his mind off it.
by The Penning October 31, 2013
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From Pennington, an upper-class, English surname. Meaning delightful or splendid, particularly in a refined and sophisticated fashion. Often used as part of an exclamation of approval. Can be used to refer to oneself, in mood, appearance, etc.
"The performance at the theatre was simply penning!"
"Why, you're looking rather penning tonight!"
"I've never felt more penning in my life!"
by Darth Cabbage December 05, 2011
Slang term for a near professional Magic: The Gathering player that spends a great amount of time honing a spore deck while neglecting others.
"I won again against Chad. He'd have a chance if he wasn't such a Penning."
by AMH7 August 17, 2008
Drawing and/or writing on the first person who falls asleep/passes out at a slumber party or social gathering. Usually done with a sharpie. A practical joke that has a little more dignity than teabagging.
After his fourth shot of vodka, Tommy was vulnerable to a good penning.
by theclevercat February 21, 2009

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