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It is a party in which a group of friends, esp. girls, sleep at one friend's home.
“All the boys went, and we’re having a slumber party!” Alice announced, driving Bella to the Cullen's house.
by mirkariver July 06, 2010
awesome band, made in SC, HMB, SM, B-town, and what not. they = love.
lets go to HMB and listen to slumber party in action!
by oliviaaaaaaa May 11, 2006
Its like that, but you're supposed to do something more depraved than shitting in a purse!
After the slumber party, I proceeded to stick various fruits and vegetables in her anus..
by JT the Shit!! September 08, 2006
When getting a blowjob from your girl, right when your about to blast your load down her throat you jam her all the way down on your dick, and pinch her nose so she passes out from suffication.
My girl was giving me dome last night and I gave her a fuckin slumber party. When she was passed out i shit in her purse.
by nambla #1 July 31, 2006
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