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The dust that accumulates between the keys on a computer keyboard.
I had to vacuum all the penk out of my keyboard last week. It was ass-nasty.
by The Rom February 21, 2004
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verb; to penk. the act of masturbation. "penking one out"
Aww dude that's fuckin' gross...Dude I just caught this kid penkin' one out!!
by jenker April 09, 2011
Penk is the act in which a pen ruptures or ink is leaked and gets all over one's hands or clothing. One can also get penked by others as a practical joke or by accident. Such people are called penkers.
Aww man! My pen just exploded now I've got ink all over my brand new shirt!

You, my friend, just got penked.

PENKER! I'll get you back!
by DownloadFailed July 28, 2009

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