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A phrase expressed by video game character Adam Jensen (Deus Ex: Human Revolution) after having received robotic augmentations due to a serious injury.

Used to define tragedies, real or otherwise.
Britney Spear's new single. I didn't ask for this.

New season of Two and a Half Men. I didn't ask for this.
by DownloadFailed September 21, 2011
A penker is a person that penked someone on purpose or by accident. A penker can penk someone during April Fools day as a practical joke, or a someone can be made a penker through accidentally damaging a pen. The damaged pen would then be used by another person, and that person would find themselves with ink all over their new pants.
I can't wait to see Joe's face when he gets penked...

Aaahh! I got ink all over my new shirt and pants!

The Penker strikes again! Swoosh!
by DownloadFailed July 28, 2009
(n.) Similar to "Liquid courage."

After just having masturbated, the feeling of being able to call up that girl you've always wanted to go out with but were too chicken-shit to do it before. Often short lived.
I finally called Emily last night while I was still hyped on post-jack courage!
by DownloadFailed November 06, 2011
A space Mexican.
A Mexican in space.
"Where's Julio?"
"Oh, that Spexican is outside the station again."
"He's really taking border-jumping to a new level."
by DownloadFailed June 18, 2013
Penk is the act in which a pen ruptures or ink is leaked and gets all over one's hands or clothing. One can also get penked by others as a practical joke or by accident. Such people are called penkers.
Aww man! My pen just exploded now I've got ink all over my brand new shirt!

You, my friend, just got penked.

PENKER! I'll get you back!
by DownloadFailed July 28, 2009
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