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(from the verb to penk)

Penking is the act of aimlessly fiddling, fooling around with no real purpose. One penks about in the shed, in the kitchen, wherever there is mindless activity to be undertaken. Children are often to be found penking.
A: What have you been doing today?

B: Nothing much, just penking about at home.
by distractedhousewife November 08, 2010
the time of day between getting home from the school run and placing prepared food in front of one's fractious offspring. Sometimes extends until children are dispatched to bed. Can often be halted by the pouring of drinks....
A: Shall I give you a call tonight to talk about the weekend?

B: Sure, but wait until after the suicide hour so that I can talk properly
by distractedhousewife July 08, 2010

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