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(adjective) of or relating to a penis. penis like.
his hair cut was quite penish.

if you stopped being so penish, you might have a better chance of being of payed attention to.
by privatmike August 20, 2009
4 9
when you are one pump of blood away from reaching a full hard on
john "aww dude, i'm totally feeling penish right now"
by gman15 February 29, 2008
10 21
A penis which is or is smaller then 1 inch,
'ish' as in kind of, but not full.
guy 1:why was i born with a penish!?
guy 2:no way, yr dicks smaller than 1 inch!?
by seamus mulholland November 21, 2007
9 24
a womans version of the mans genetalia. aka a womans dick
sarah knew she had a penish but refused to tell the class when asked what type of genitalia she owned
by sarah badera November 12, 2002
15 53