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From the root word "jacked" or "jacked up", which have varying definitions, based on the context.
The noun "jackery" is the extent to which, or the way in which something(s) or someone is jacked.
T: This bike is so fucked up. Everything is broken or wrong.
E: Ya dude its totally jacked up.
T: This is the worst jackery i've ever seen
E: That's a a lot of jackery!
by Dj MtMe June 28, 2008
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Essentially "jackass" but used in the context for the results left behind of the way someone acts.

This can involve vandalism, pranks, or just generally being an idiot or incompetent to the point of really messing up things around them. Can also mean when someone else gets falsely accused for their inability or ineptitude.

There are always consequences involved and some degree of punishment for these acts as there is always a clear trail of destruction left behind.
"Scott went on a drinking binge last night."

"I know ! You should've seen the jackery he made back at work the next day."
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by dw8177 May 23, 2017
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