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When an average looking man picks up the most beautiful girl at the party, only to get her home and find that her penis is bigger than his.
Joe: Dude, did you see who Bill left with?
Dude: You mean that tranny Jill?
Joe:Jill is a tranny?
Dude: Yes, and Bill is in for a serious case of vagirony.
by tkast68 January 09, 2012
The food served from a used R.V., converted to a
meth lab, then a retail kitchen, usually found in a parking lot.
Greg: Want to get a Winnataco for lunch!?
Mark: No Thanks. I'm still layin' treadmarks from yesterday.
by tkast68 June 20, 2011
Letting a vulgar, obscene, profane or generally offensive word slip in the presence of one or more easily offended fellows.
Grandma: We are having a luncheon followed bt an intense game of bridge, will you be there?

Grandson: Sorry grammy, my budy Sam just got busted fucking his, ... sorry Grammy.

Grandma: That's ok, you just had a wordrobe malfunction.
by tkast68 June 09, 2011
The act of refusing sexual gratification to one's man due to his bad behavior.
Wife: You sonofabitch, where have you been!?

Husband: I told you I'd be at the Oasis with the boys.

Wife: I hope you enjoy sleeping in the couch tonight!

Husband: That's just penishment!

Wife: Screw you, jerk!

Husband: I guess I soon will be!

by tkast68 June 18, 2011
A bully manuever. The act of shoving a victim's face into a toilet bowl full of feces, urine and paper as it flushes.
Alvin failed to provide Hank with his lunch money. As a punishment Hank gave Alvin a chunky swirly.
by tkast68 August 09, 2015

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