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A mix between a Biatch and a Witch. Its fun to say. Call your room mate a Wiatch today. Do it. Now. She will like it.
"Shut the fuck up, you stupid Wiatch!"
by Fuck Ass Finnemore December 12, 2003
An alcoholic beverage, a cool person, something that witches make.
"Minerva proved that she was, indeed the witches bwoo by concocting the best cauldron of wtiches bwoo this side of the Rio Grande."
by Fuck Ass Finnemore December 12, 2003
A group of fabulous sexy superheroines that unite for 71 days out of every year, to fight for truth, justice, and fish sandwiches.
The Chronological Order is comprised of: Mono (Drop Dead Fred the Lesbian), Amaris (The Fly Girl), Heather (Hot Piece of Acid), and Tommy P. (The Rastafarian Gypsy, a.k.a. Esmerelda Marley) They are led by Heather's ancient egyptian mummy Grandfather, sometimes known as MummyDaddy, or the MumFather.
"We are The Chronological Order, and we are the Ass-kickers of YOU."
by Fuck Ass Finnemore December 12, 2003
When that annoying douchebag in the business office makes a poster that has all the secretaries up there as track runners with ponytails, and whoever does the most work gets further along the poster and whoever gets to the "finish line" first wins free lunch from the Tampa Room. A hairbrained attempt at employee motivation by a sleazy preppy loser.
"The Race For Lunch? Jesus Tapdancing Christ! Thats the stupidest motherfucking thing i've ever heard."
by Fuck Ass Finnemore December 12, 2003
When something is impressive, entertaining, or enjoyable, it is like "taking a bath in chocolate".
"I really enjoyed watching this band. It was like taking a bath in chocolate."
by Fuck Ass Finnemore December 12, 2003
The best place EVER for a fish Sammich.
"MAN, I could really go for a fish Sammich from Cracka Barrel! Lets go, Mono!"
by Fuck Ass Finnemore December 12, 2003
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