A penguin, usually a baby, which is very cute.
Awww, isn't that pengy so cute!
by anonymous August 27, 2003
A pet name for someone very near and dear to you. Referring to the Pon & Zi comic where pon asks zi to be his penguin because they stay together for life.
"I love you Pengy." or "No thanks, I've already found my pengy."
by Pengy-Duck April 25, 2009
cute cute cute penguins
LOOK AT THOSE PENGYS! They're so cute cute cute.
by S. M. Ellington December 03, 2007
Adj. A term used to describe very potent Marijuana
"That's some pengy weed"
by M.Hustler November 19, 2007
someone who is pigeon-toed or waddles like a penguin
what a pengy
by Urban December 12, 2003

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