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When one person of friend is being annoying, or bitchy. Not wanting to do what everyone else wants to do:
<I>Hanging out with a large group of people waiting to get picked up to go to the movies:</I>

<I>"is everyone ready?"</I>
<I>"i don't know, I don't really feel like going anymore.."</I>
<I>"Dude come on, you're being a little fuckboi"</I>
by URBAN February 18, 2012
Turbonator is a cheap supercharger that screws up your car after long term use.
My cheap turbonator sucked its plastic fan in my intake and blew my engine.
by Urban February 10, 2005
mother fucker P.I.M.P fo lyfe biatch
yo that cat is franksta
by urban August 30, 2003
Indian Sweet Dish, Made Out Of Milk
A Guy Is Trying To Hit On A Girl,

{Guy} Hey Baby Is It Me Or You Looking Tasty Like A Ras Maali

{Girl} You What *Slap*
by Urban July 11, 2004
1. used to express one's satisfaction or a significant amount of amusement
2. used to sarcastically express above emotions

derived from cool
1. "hey, I just bought you that puppy you wanted" "kkool!"
2. "I like linkin park" "kkool"
by urban December 23, 2003
yellow curved fruit great with ice cream
I'm ordering the Uber-split.
by Urban December 20, 2003
someone who is pigeon-toed or waddles like a penguin
what a pengy
by Urban December 12, 2003

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