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a bent or curved penis
bob: I walked in on my cousin taking a piss! found out hes got a pengis.

john: Thats deep dude
by bob the bilter July 13, 2011
7 2
a diseased penis.
- omg why does it burn when i piss?
- well ya gotta pengis.
by Enrih November 10, 2010
6 4
Completely revised and expanded edition of the three-million copy bestseller?

architypal expression of one with a phallus resembling that of a penguin.

(aka penis wiv a "g" wot)
ring, ring, ring, ring ,ring, ring, ring banana phone, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring banana phooooooooooooooooooone. i've got this feelin, its soo appeeeaaaaaaaaaaaalin: cellular, modular, interactive oddular
16 18
The word Pengi originates in India its often used to describe a person who is cock-eyed.

Pengi is Feminine
Penga is Masculine
That girl is a "sali Pengi"....


"He is a right Penga"

I often call my other half a 'Penga'
by Queen of Pengi's June 22, 2006
2 7