to "poke" someone in a bodily orifice
by bernard February 02, 2005
Top Definition
A rather scientific sounding word (especially when used when casually reffering to sex), when really it's all quite simple. One thing 'enters into' another thing.
All we really want to know is: was there any penetration?
by Jacs March 01, 2005
Penetration is the medical term for the penis entering into the vagina. It's a good way term for talking about sex if one wants to seem mature. Even if you're a dirty little pervert, you'll sound like sex is more than just an emotionless action caused by hormones if you call it 'penetration' rather than 'fucking around,' 'doing it,' etc.
Dude 1: Did you fucked your girlfriend last night?

Dude 2: Penetration occured and I depostited my semen inside of her vagina.

Dude 1: What the fuck? You're a frat boy, you don't talk like that.

Dude 2: I know, but I sure sound mature, don't I?
by Tit For Twat January 26, 2007
In sex the disappearence of the penis into the vaginal cavity and the rupturing the hymen.
Kiersten's examination in the ER showed that the source of her vaginal bleeding was penetration and the puncturing of the back wall of her vagina as the source of the blood. Kiersten spoke of falling on her bicycle handlebar, but the experienced personnel in the ER knew rape when they saw it. Who was the rider of the second bike that was found? Someone said Kiersten had been seen riding with Peter Goesinya.
by Richard Black March 25, 2005
-To expand one's sexual horizons

-Forceful insertion of a flashdrive that doesn't quite fit in the USB port.

-That moment when your key doesn't fit in the keyhole, because it's the wrong key to begin with, so you shove that mother fucking bitch up in there.

-When you ram that big ass rhino horn into the tree. (Also see gay penetration )
Ben's penetration game is so strong. Headbanging with his 69 pringle-length wanker is a good time.
by penetration_god April 02, 2015
Sometimes in a homosexual relation ship the penis will penetrate the anus
"Was their Penetration?"
by DefDigital July 22, 2015
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