ie. flange, 'gina, cock socket, spam purse, kebab, axe wound, muff..
leisha hailey could touch my peeper.
by idiotbox December 02, 2006
A digital camera, especially when obtained before one's sibling gets one.
Saboowho's peepers really makes her brother Jon jealous.
by glimmmer June 29, 2004
when u have a little pimple on your pee pee and it hurts to pop it.
Carl: Dude why is he limping so much?
Greg: oh man, he went to china and had some yellow pussy and he got peeper.
Carl: damn Chings (like Jenna)
by your moms name May 09, 2005
A person you visit regularly to have sex, mostly anal and oral. You do not necessarily like the person, and may not even know their name, you just like the sex.
I have to visit my peeper tonight.
by Ashley-Parker November 13, 2006
when you have to go to the bathroom so bad it's about to come out.
i've got to go bad!! i've got a peeper.
by heyward nalley April 28, 2006
When a man's boner is visible in detail through his pants.
Person: "Ayy did you see that? He's got a peeper."
Other person: "I can't look."
by Origional_Luvva March 04, 2015

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