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is a noose that you use one your fingers to make you into a Pensi
dude look at these it's my new peenu
by elmoelmo March 04, 2005
a very small penis, below average
You gots a small peenus
by ZaneWords March 27, 2005
The act of peeing into the anus.
Greg was overcome with satisfaction by how vigorously Chris performed peenus.
by DeafPenis February 09, 2010
A Peenu is a noose used to transform one's fingers into penis' thus making the user a Pensi.
Dude, he totally used a Peenu the other day. His fingers are like wangtastic.
by Misfitus March 04, 2005
Someone who has a penis size below average.

Usually used to diss one another.
Ben: Yo Josh, You got a PEENUS

Josh: Screw you man...
by Peenushaven May 29, 2012
Peenu is a form of erotic dancing and usually refers to sites such as tubgil, goatcx and tonydanza
That peenu is soooooo coool.
by formation March 03, 2005