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A person who has had thier fingers replaced with penis'. The process in which this is done is using a Peenu on your fingers. It is not suggested you do this.
Dude, Tyson is a Pensi. He showed me his hands just before.
by Misfitus October 22, 2004
A networking website used by scene kids who have no idea how to use basic HTML let alone CSS. MySpace is also the internet's biggest popularity contest.
"On the downside, MySpace is full of sexual predators. On the upside, it’s full of sexual prey."
by Misfitus April 23, 2006
A Peenu is a noose used to transform one's fingers into penis' thus making the user a Pensi.
Dude, he totally used a Peenu the other day. His fingers are like wangtastic.
by Misfitus March 04, 2005

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