An abrieviation for the word paedophile. An adult or adolescent who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children.
Person A is an adult and has sexual fantasies about children. He is a pedo.
by Tegeth August 28, 2006
a slang term in spanish which means to be drunk
Me tome unas chelas y me puse pedo.

Estoy bien pedo
by emceeme March 23, 2007
Short term for "pedophile". A case in which an adult prays on children or is sexually attracted to them. Also known as a "Sick Fuck".
Person 1:Why was Brunton banned from the forum?

Person 2: For being a pedo.
by The 2.0 February 17, 2009
Pedo, in Spain, means fart as well.
"¡Se ha tirado un pedo!" (He has farted!)
by alejandro_17 July 03, 2009
An abbreviation. In the world of cycling and mountain biking this term is short for pedestrian. It especially applies to those who see you riding on the foot path and yet do not get out of the way, forcing you to dismount from your bicycle and partake in the gayest form of physical activity (i.e. walking). Cyclists often consider this type of pedo with more contempt than they would child molesters.
Man riding bike. Fat pedestrians in the way, walking extra slow..


"Fuck off hippie", replied the pedo.
by qorn48 July 14, 2011
"Pedo" Is A Short Term For "Pedophile".
40 Year Old On The Web: Where Do You Live?!

Girl: Goo Die You Old Pedoo!
by Jwowwx33 November 05, 2011
En México:

1.- Andar borracho.
2.- Una forma de saludar o de preguntar qué pasa.
3.- Problema.
4.-Una exclamación de sorpresa.
5.- Un susto.
1.- “Ando bien pedo.” “Ese gûey se puso bien pedo anoche”.
2.- “¡Qué pedo! ¿Cómo estás?”.
3.- “Tengo un pedo bien cabrón” “Ese vato tiene pedos con la ley” “¡¿Qué pedo?!” (esta última dicha de modo agresivo insinuaría '¿Cuál es tu problema?').
4.- "¡¿Qué pedo?! ¡¿Qué estás haciendo?!"
5.- "¡Qué pedo me acabas de sacar!"
by insul October 28, 2013
A mythical creature that relates to wolves here on the Earth; said to have eaten children generally around the ages of 4-10 at night during their sleep
The Pedo came and ate her baby.
by Mawl October 28, 2012

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