a creepy person who usually goes for people WAY younger than them..
Omg Keza is such a Pedo ;)
by Keza's Bestie March 27, 2012
A pedofile, or just plain creepy person
"Did you see that guy watching the kids?"
"Yeah. He is such a pedo. I don't even wanna talk about it."
by Warhola May 30, 2008
weirdo who is sexually attracted to children.usually go for younger children.
GUY1:ewww...wtf is that old guy doin by the play ground?
GUY#2: dunno, maby he's a pedo
by ЅЗΤ.....® August 09, 2008
Some younger people use the word pedo as a slang/joke. Used when someone looks at photos of them allot, talks about them allot etc. even if older.
Your always on her Facebook page, your a pedo.
by TheRealDeal01 March 26, 2011
A man who is aroused by females (much) younger than him.
Usually a man who like women half his age, but not true for older men, or any male older than 18 who likes girls 13-16 (although 18 year old liking 13 is kinda creepy)
My geometry teacher was totally looking at her boobs! What a pedo!
by headtowall June 07, 2009
When you're sexually attracted to little kids. It's a sickness and if you have this disease get help quick. You can end up in jail if you don't.
I'll be in jail for being a pedo if I don't get help.
by SalvatoreVitale July 10, 2008
Guy - hey who fucked the 6 yr old Aisha??

muslim - Muhammad (pedo be upon him)
{goes on to behead the guy and then blows himself up}
by vindic April 27, 2010

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