A vulger word used on the internet, usually on forums, commonly seen on D2JSP, this word is used in the utter most insulting fashion, anyone caught calling someone this should be banned from that forum
Both pedos reported
by cheesemanmcgee August 28, 2008
The name for an indivudal, usually black, who frequently boasts about his recent accomplishments, and constantly claims to have seen people in the news in the night before.
Skeeter-"Hey Malcolm, I saw you in the news last night-the police were looking for you"
Malcolm-"Skeeter is such a pedo"

A Pedo- "Last Night I beat up ten guys back in the hood-then I stole their money an bought me a sandwich or something."
by Robin Robertson June 06, 2007
When you're unloved and get molested by a pedo and thrown off a cliff to die.
im so unloved i was molested by a pedo.
by Josh.e November 02, 2008
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