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An pedophile who rides a bike when on the job.
"Hey. You see that old man? The one who has been circling the park on his bike for a good 10 minutes?"

"Yea, he is totally a pedalphile"
by -CWC- August 12, 2011
2 2
Someone who is interested in bicycles,unicycles,and tricycles.
Dude,that pedalphile collects old Raleigh and J.C.Higgins bicycles.
by FRANK PIERCE November 17, 2003
33 20
1. An adult who is sexually attracted to bicycle pedals.

2. A fixed-gear bike gang from Madison, WI.
1. Richard made love to his bicycle last night. He is such a pedalphile.

2. The Pedalphiles cruised down University Avenue, leaving a wake of debauchery, tomfoolery, and attractive screaming women.
by fischstix September 13, 2007
17 11