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A small brownish spot on the shaft of the penis, often darker and more numerous in the case of a penis more frequently exposed to the sun. Those most frequently subject to such are surfers, tanners, nudists and flashers (but only in extreme cases of the latter).
Damn that boy got some peckles! His junk looks like a star chart!
by PixelPusher September 14, 2006
12 6
breast, titty, boob, jug, etc
(from the Spanish word "pecho")
Her peckles are ginormic, and his are, too.
by anonymous December 31, 2003
9 7
When you are a boy and if you have a freckle on your pectoral/pec.
Girl 1: Oh my god. He's so hot.
Girl 2: Check out his peckle!
Girl 1: Yummy
by GingerGirl August 05, 2012
1 0