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Roxicodone / Roxicet / Oxycodone...


Small round blue pill, scored in center, A (sometimes confused with a capital R) on the top and 215 on the bottom, blank on reverse. The A stands for the manufacturer; AMIDE Pharmaceuticals. The 215 along with it's beautiful blue color denotes 30mg of Oxycodone. A light green and 214 respectively would mark it's 15mg little sister.

There is no time release coating, and no other combo fillers, no asprin, apap, etc. It is for these reasons that people crush and snort these just as much as is ingested- something you cannot do with vicodin/percocets and other combo pills.
J's slingin those roxy's at 14 per, they're pricey, but they're the real a215's not those bullshit white ethex garbage.
by PixelPusher August 23, 2007
Also known as a "Sun Roof", this is an overhead motorized portal designed to allow hot sick ass gases to escape the vehicle in a convenient and socially acceptable manner.
"Open the damn fart chimney man, your poop fumes are making my eyes water!"
by PixelPusher May 11, 2007
A small brownish spot on the shaft of the penis, often darker and more numerous in the case of a penis more frequently exposed to the sun. Those most frequently subject to such are surfers, tanners, nudists and flashers (but only in extreme cases of the latter).
Damn that boy got some peckles! His junk looks like a star chart!
by PixelPusher September 14, 2006
The dastardly button that seems to jump in front of your mouse cursor when your trying to hit something else. Also applies to keyboard shortcuts, trying to scroll and pressing the new fangled "Middle" mouse buttons, etc...

Right click > New > Folde... SHORTCUT! Fuck. Delete shortcut. Fucking missbutton.

Ok, time to replace this text. I'll press Ctl+C to Copy, then Highlight the thing to be replaced, Ctl+C = Fuck. My fatshit fingers didn't hit V did they? Wait, I copied it again didn't I? DEATH TO THE MISSBUTTONS!
by PixelPusher August 12, 2007

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