A person that highly reflects the genitalia of a man.
"Hey Erik Dove you're such a pecker!"
"Yeah dude I know"
by porker223 September 30, 2011
An asshole that no one likes. He is annoying as hell. Also a very big creep to the girls. He has no friends
That guy is a real pecker i wanna kick his ass
by jockguy2345 March 12, 2014
Short for pecker head
My boss is a pecker!
by #1cunninglinguist February 17, 2010
Casual way to say "penis." Not considered as vulgar as "cock," "prick," or "dick," almost cute in fact, but definitely not standard. Originally "pecker" was a Southern (USA) usage, but social mobility and innumerable HBO comic roasts have broadened its range.
"I've got Hubert's pecker in my pocket." Said by 1960s US President Lyndon Baines Johnson of his VP Hubert Humphrey, meaning (metaphorically) that Hubert was his bitch politically.

"I'd rather cut my pecker off." Said by same LBJ when told by his physician he had to stop smoking immediately.
by al-in-chgo July 12, 2012
Big dick
you saw that pecker over there yo?
by Pseudnymian September 12, 2013
How a European or British individual would say "penis" but uses the replacement word "pecker" often pronounced "pecka"
English: Bro, i wanna rock out with my cock out

British: oi then, i really wanna penetrate you with me pecka

Hence, the example of pecker
by nefty and lynchy November 24, 2007
adj: Peckered - Something whick is broken and not working

verb: to pecker - to mess up or spoil.
Often used by chavs in the Birmingham area
"nahh, its bare peckered innit" - meaning "oh, its broken/spoilt etc."
by Aston Villa Fan December 11, 2005

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