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A pecker is a humugous nose, another word for cock nose.

'that's a pecker, and a half that is, that will definatly make the finals!'
by Sam Rogers June 21, 2006
a pecker is the smallest of all cocks dean close has a pecker
dean i can see your pecker hanging out
by bob September 05, 2004
A pecker is the end or tip of a penis.
Vagina:"Dude, Penis, your pecker is turning red!!!"
Penis:"I know, I'm blushing!!!"
by Douchebag March 02, 2003
1. a definition for the end of a cigarette that has been bent in a way it looks like a beak. this stops smoke pouring ito your face when the cigarette goes small.
2. somebody with a particulary small penis.
1. look i changed my longee into a pecker!
2. oi u know will stocker has a pecker? he's also a bald eagle.
by huw janus! hahahaha March 07, 2005
often a slang word for "chicken"
That pecker is peckin on some corn...yeah...
by Big Fat J January 31, 2003
White boy in the hood
"yo little pecker ass better stay outta here, cause we kick yo ass
by Richard Greenough October 25, 2005
a real corn hole
look at that pecker head
by shepard June 18, 2003