A pecker is a humugous nose, another word for cock nose.

'that's a pecker, and a half that is, that will definatly make the finals!'
by Sam Rogers June 21, 2006
a pecker is the smallest of all cocks dean close has a pecker
dean i can see your pecker hanging out
by bob September 05, 2004
A pecker is the end or tip of a penis.
Vagina:"Dude, Penis, your pecker is turning red!!!"
Penis:"I know, I'm blushing!!!"
by Douchebag March 02, 2003
1. a definition for the end of a cigarette that has been bent in a way it looks like a beak. this stops smoke pouring ito your face when the cigarette goes small.
2. somebody with a particulary small penis.
1. look i changed my longee into a pecker!
2. oi u know will stocker has a pecker? he's also a bald eagle.
by huw janus! hahahaha March 07, 2005
White boy in the hood
"yo little pecker ass better stay outta here, cause we kick yo ass
by Richard Greenough October 25, 2005
often a slang word for "chicken"
That pecker is peckin on some corn...yeah...
by Big Fat J January 31, 2003
A skinny guy that has a small dick or no dick at all.
by Balano May 03, 2003
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