Maker of the best DJ loudspeakers.
The DJS-4 has 2 15" drivers and can pound any gig that i spin.
My Peaveys can out thump most other drivers on the market>
by djscrizzle November 27, 2003
Top Definition
The piece of skin between ones ballsack and anus; specifically when sweaty and suffering from the effects of heat with a pungent odor
Russell's peavey had a particularly bad stench after returning from the gym.
by popgut10 January 28, 2014
maunfacturers of some of the world's best amps, and worst guitars
turn that peavey amp up-to 11
by tranquil_demon July 25, 2003
1. Second Best Amp makers in the world.
2. The makers of my custom Peavy guitar.
1. "Woah! That Peavey amp is almost as good as a Marshall!"
2. "Woah! That Peavey guitar is awesome!"
by sleepygamer March 05, 2006
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