1.) What kids call their grandfather
2.) A tree with banana type fruit.
3.) City in Michigan
Pawpaw: Alrighty sonny wait up.

2.) That paw paw tree is huge!

3.) Why don't we take a trip to PawPaw, Michigan
by Nimrodic_Neka March 06, 2008
(n)- a city in michigan- so nice they named it twice. known for its grape and wine festival, st. julians winery, its drug scene(behind the willow tree). Synonym- BumFuck,Michigan
Jo-Ahhh my parents are making me goto dumbass bumfuck michigan.
Bob-Awwe Paw Paw is not that bad.
by motothejo April 03, 2009
a less know fruit that tastes like a cross of mango and banana usually contains three brownish black seeds and is found in the USA ,
or a definition of someones grandpa
hey Pawpaw!! Why were you at my graduation?!

that pawaw was delicious !!
by amazon8907 May 21, 2010
pronounce: pah-PAW
1)The local name for what Tourists/Europeans/Americans, call papaya i.e a long smelly fruit, with big round black seeds thats like a mango but is better for you and is not as sweet.

2) some city apparently

Tourist: what would you reccomend to accompany breakfast?
West Indian: try a paw-paw
Tourist: what?
W. I: a papaya
Tourist: what'd you call it?
W.I: nevermind sir
by amibbdos August 09, 2006
Used to describe a perverted old man, not necessarily a relative but can be, who smells like pus and vitamins, likes young people to sit on his lap, and has a chocolate finger. Coined by the switched:ON Show podcast.
Come over here and sit on Paw-Paw's lap
by switched:ON December 10, 2006
Grumpy, pissy analyst.
Chris Deaton is a pawpaw, he comes in to work as pissy, pissy Chris Chris every morning.
by Twirkers June 07, 2006
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