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a veryy hot member of de limestone band....which iz a band tht came 2 my skool...luved it
also wat i use 4 cool hawt and awesome
he iz such a PAUL.
OMG itz a such a PAUL
by sue-sue November 21, 2011
Is a farmer that has terrible cattle that are very skinny and cannot rear sheep properly. Otherwise known as a bad farmer.
Bad Farmer Paul
by John Do78 January 04, 2012
When someone is good at something, yet is too slow to properly accomplish that task


Another color for golden yellow
I am "paul" at bootyshaking...

I ain't taking any of those "pauls" from you, mister!

Stop "pauling" it up...

My Cat Fluffy has a "paul" colored tail.
by Reid'sBalls October 12, 2011
An kinky Italian boy who likes it in the butt.
Man 1: Man i really want to do someone in the butt
man 2: You're such a paul
Man 1: so you wanna do it?
Man 2: YES
by leinad050 May 31, 2011
a genuine gomi who looks like a shcutterface who likes it when people lick his TN's..
woah, that guy is a genuine pauL!!
by dacent beour October 07, 2011
A guy that everybody likes but he will never tie himself down. he is a man whore ! He will flirt with then break your heart<|3
Jess: See that man whore over there ?

Bill: yeah hes such a Paul !
by qwertykey September 22, 2011
he is a akward friend but is more important then you think you dont know whats missing untill he is gone acts gay cause he doesnt know what else to do to make you laugh has many bad days and tends to take it out on his friends and has the smallest dick ever
paul is a true friend
by qazwxwss November 27, 2011