A radical cleric. Like those crazy militant iranian preachers, only uses christianity instead of islam.
pat robertson said we should murder the president of venezuela.
by Zarquon July 27, 2006
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An asshole that has somehow gotten his own T.V. show on some crappy channel. It's called the 700 club but it should really be called The Neo Nazi Movement In Disguise But The Sheep That Watch It Are To Busy Sitting There With Their Thumbs Up Their Asses To Know Any Better show.

A typical ranting of this lunatic is that lesbians/gays/athiests/muslims/and just about everyone else who is not a christian are the decay of western society and they should not be allowed in to office.

On top of that he claims to be able to help "heal" people by communicating to god on thier behalf on his TV show.
Pat Robertson is such an asshole! I dont know how people believe that dribble that he spews forth everyday on his show.
by mud January 17, 2004
One of many of Satan's minions posing as a Christian to spread a belief of hatred and intolerance toward others.
Pat Robertson and his ilk are plotting a mass genocide of all people who do not share their views.
by Jesus November 26, 2003
A man with one thumb in the bible and the other up the ass.
Religion has certainly gotten out of hand.
by Dacteur February 05, 2005
Complete retard.
There's Pat spouting off about how great Christianity is, and how other religions are just garbage.
by Troy January 06, 2004
Just as bad as Jerry Falwell. Another Christian extreamist who hates everyone who isn't a Christian or a right-wing conservative.
There's Pat Robertson on CBN complaining about how gays are getting rights, again.
by Anonymous August 24, 2003
Reverend, former Republican Party Presidental candidate, 700 Club host. Also a crazed person whose said the bible says that god will defeat communism and that Islam is an evil religion. Also known to spin news at CBN to favor him and conservatives in general which was proven in the documentary "Spin". Also had a pray-a-thon in hopes that liberal supreme courts judges would leave their posts. And has said and done many crazed things so many you could write a book about it... wait THEY DID!
People actually supported Pat Robertson's presidential run in 1988! No Really! What The @%+>#!!!
by Chaos General July 17, 2004
fundementlist christian and owner of large corporate empire noted for far right policies and extreme religious veiws
jesus would'nt spit on pat robertson if he was on fire
pat robertson is either a hypocrite and a liar or a lunitic and a monster the difficult part is deciding which
by zombiejack June 11, 2004
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