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the most ridiculous markup since bottled water.
bottled water puts a fraction of a penny worth of water in a 2 cent bottle and sell it for a buck. crocs, on the other hand mold a few cents of plastic <i>with no water inside</i> into something kinda resembling a shoe, then sell the damn thing for $30.
i almost respect the guy who came up with crocs.
by zarquon January 10, 2007
The single best argument for independent space exploration.
Washington: Nasa, put stuff in space!
Nasa: But you only gave me 4 pennies and a used piece of gum.
Washington: Muahaha
by Zarquon July 31, 2006
Denial, foolishness, brainwashing, etc.
Creationism Dialogue
Creationist A: Evolution is only a theory!
Creationist B: Yay! Let's go kill some heretics!
Pat Robertson: Assassination is fun!
George W Bush: Can I say 'Crusade' again?
by Zarquon July 31, 2006
a member of the more liberal of the two major political parties.
this definition of democrat is not a rant
by Zarquon October 14, 2006
A radical cleric. Like those crazy militant iranian preachers, only uses christianity instead of islam.
pat robertson said we should murder the president of venezuela.
by Zarquon July 27, 2006
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