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an armenian that was born in iran. armenians were not forced in Iran, we welcomed them like brothers, don't be haters, perians-iranians don't hate you.
Look at Andy, and Vigen, they are Iranians, and thousands more.
by khashayar April 11, 2005
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he is a barskahye
by Anonymous August 23, 2003
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tightest armenians
he's parskahye
by bro October 31, 2003
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V-Tec stupid bros that think they are cool and lower the names of Armenian people. Wear their caps sideways to look like eastside rappers and tan their skin until they look like a negative image, their hairs goes white and their face goes black. They drive old hondas with different colored parts and put a used muffler just to sound it like a tuner, especiall with the CRX honda. They shave their eyebrows and legs. Their favorite words includ Bro, baban, dawg, and other gay shit.
vtec #1: bro wanna go cruise glenoaks with my new crx?

vtec #2: sure bro jan...
by unavailable August 05, 2004
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armenians who were forcefully driven into iran against their will by historic enemy iranians.
the armenian race is unfortunate in that evil foreign forces try to divide us and destroy us, but we will always stay armenian no matter where we are, they will not succed. we will always sing and speak armenian.
by Garen July 09, 2004
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is a group of Iranian-Armenians who think they are better than the rest of the Armenian Diaspora. They discriminate against the bolsahyes (Turkish-Armenians) and beirutsis (Lebanese-Armenians), and the rest of the Western Armenians.
There were five parskahyes picking on a beirutsi for speaking a different Armenian dialect.
by TheRealArmenian August 30, 2007
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