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an armenian that was born in iran. armenians were not forced in Iran, we welcomed them like brothers, don't be haters, perians-iranians don't hate you.
Look at Andy, and Vigen, they are Iranians, and thousands more.
by khashayar April 11, 2005
A caucasian (racial type) ethnic group from the country of Iran(previously Persia, Pars) located in euro/asia in the sw asian region. Previously persians were zoroastrians until 632 arabs invaded persia and conqured the section that which is now Iraq. The persians got the Iranian side of the country back in 852 under the samanid dynasty. They forced islam and by the 15th century the rest of the 50% of the population was forced to be muslims. Persians or Aryans speak Farsi/Parsi although modern persian is about 20-30 loaned from arabic, french, turk and russian.
this is all the truth.
by khashayar April 12, 2005

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