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Beirutsi - (also BeirutHye) - Lebanese Armenian.
I am Beirutsi. Yes Hyem Yes
by Garro March 08, 2005
Literally meaning "of Beirut" in Armenian. Used by Armenians to identify Lebanese Armenians (mostly displaced due to the Armenian Genocide of 1915). Armenians born elsewhere but whose parents were born in Lebanon consider themselves to also be Beirutsi. Lebanese Armenians typically speak the Western Armenian (Arevm'tahayeren) dialect which has undergone several phonetic mergers; these may be due to proximity to Arabic and Turkish-speaking communities. As a result the Western alphabet has serverl letters that produce the same sound (as opposed to Eastern Armenian which is closer to Classical Armenian or "grabar").
A Beirutsi would replace D's with T's (Door/Toor), B's with P's (Lebanon/Lepanon) and G's with K's (Grigor/Krikor). Arabs have similar difficulty pronouncing these letters, for instance pronouncing Pepsi as "Bebsi."
by Emin Grigorian April 22, 2008
Amrenians who fled to the Bourj Hammoud refugee camp and Anjar in Beirut, Lebanon after the 1915 genocide. Today Bourj Hammoud has become a vital business hub in beirut, thanks to the perseverance and hard work. Beirutsi Armenian (Beirutahyes) still speak the original unaltered Armenian dialect created by Mesrob Masdotch. The majority of Beirutis do not approve of the Hayastan government or way of life today because it is considered more communist Russian than Armenian.
Look at this gor gor beirutsi eating shawerma in his beamer.
by Peteylepieu December 01, 2006
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