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The real capital of Armenia.In Glendale seeing a mercedes is like seeing a rednck in Texas.Glendale has the worst traffic ever, thanks to old Armenian grandparents and moms and the world wide behind the wheel killers "THE AISANS" Glendale is a site to see...
Thank God i dont live in Glendale.
by Garen November 14, 2004
Armenian word for sayin crazy...
Ay BRo nayeen nran KHENT a.
by Garen November 14, 2004
Sex without pleasure.
Wen you have sex with a 500 pound aisan
by Garen November 14, 2004
This clothing line was made famous by the most popular hip hop group RUN DMC.Now like Sean John it has been DEGRADED,SHITTED ON,SPITTED on.Addidas was once famous and beatiful.Now i am in utter discust that this group of fearsome "Kaj Nazarz" (armoz) have worn the same piece of "Addidas" for centuries.They have turned soccer warumps into a fasion..God knows what this group of i guess you can call them people will demoralize next.
I am to disgusted to give an example sorry...
by Garen November 14, 2004
Armenians in Armenia believe it is the most powerful place. If you ask one of them they will tell you it is the capital of California, some will say the capital of America. And some believe it is a country on its own. They refer to it as "los" and not Los Angeles. Once they arive at there so called "los" they are dissapointed because it is just a county and it isnt as powerful as they expect.
Dgha Jan Loseets es?
by Garen November 14, 2004
A Term once used by people to realte to there bloodly brother.This term is now frequently used by "Barsgahyes" to refer to eachother. This is a term that has been as you would say "killed" by the upcoming race of "Barseegs". The Word "bro" has lost its meaning, now it means frankly "ANYONE". You can say bro to whoever the fuck you want, and as long as they are "barsgahye" dey will understand where you are coming from.
Ay bro, lav es bro? iight bro see you at MP tonight bro.
by Garen November 14, 2004
It was once a type of an engine, and only a type of an engine.Now it is the "Barsgahyes".They buy a 10,000 Honda they put this BIG ASS spolier on it its like 2 stories high thinking they're kool or i dont know wtv da hell goes throo there heads.They put a muffler dat makes the sound of a dying duck, they cruise on Glendale Showing it off.It can also be classified into a type of side burns, When they are long they they connect to your mustache, actually thats not called a V-tech.its called UGLY president Lincoln had one and dey SHOT HIM...We may never know the true meaning of this word. But i believe i am themost accurate of definers...
Ay bro check out my new Honda Civic V-tech Broooo
by Garen November 14, 2004

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