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2 definitions by Klosterman6969

1. An old cheap car.

2. A tank-top like undershirt that has vertical stripes.

3. Short for "beat her".
1. I drive an old beater.

2. My beater is so comfortable, I could wear it all the time.

3. I'm so mad I think I'm going to take off my shirt and beater. (this is a double pun because if the guy is wearing a beater under his shirt then he is in the act of beatingwearing a wife beater and he is also going to "beat her".)
by Klosterman6969 July 31, 2004
1. to postition a vehicle in a designated area for storage.

2. to be pretty good at golf.
1. i parked my car before i went into the store
2. look at my score today! i am the PAR-KING!
by Klosterman6969 July 29, 2004