4 definitions by Mystie

To engage in sexual acts in a parked car.
Brad was too cheap to spring for a hotel, so we went parking at Lover's Lane.
by Mystie March 27, 2005
The classic catchprase of The Muppets funnyman, Fozzie the Bear.
Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side! Wakka wakka!
by Mystie April 25, 2005
One that doesn't accept the help of others.
Darkwing Duck was being a total gipnoid when he wouldn't let the Justice Ducks help him defeat the Fearsome Five.
by Mystie October 06, 2006
To promote one's personal web site. Often seen as a negative on the internet, regardless of the intent of the poster. Posting a relevent link to a site that happens to be your's is often considered as offensive as shameless self-promotion.
SexyKitty69 was banned from the forum for site whoring.
by Mystie April 07, 2006

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