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name of a female. parisa is a persian name. meaning angel or like an angel. shorter version of the name is pari. can also be the female version of paris.
people call me paris and i blame paris hilton, that fucking bitch. it's parisa!parisa! not charissa, not merissa, not percila. PARISA!!!!!
by *parisa* March 18, 2005
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Name commonly given to the prettiest, sweetest and smartest of Persian females. Parisa literally means "little angel" but in our 21st century lingo, the name translates better to "more flawless than any angel". Seriously, angels get jealous of the beauty Parisas radiate. Parisa's tend to be perfect and emit unquantifiable amounts of badassery. Their brains are really super-sized, they are fashionably socialized and tend to be naturally deodorized. Everybody wants to be a Parisa's BFF.
"Did you, like, hear all the smack that angel was talking about Parisa? I know, like, obviously soooooo jealous."

"Did you see that chick's crazymad skillz? She was totally pulling a Parisa."

"It is impossible to be better than a Parisa" - Chinese Proverb
by fatima_setineh February 03, 2010
Name comes from a persian background. Means Liek a fairy, or Face of a fairy. Nicknames include - Pari, Papali, Preezie Freezie etc.
Parisa's are often loud, crazy, fun to be around, try hard gangsta's.
"Parisa ain't got nothin on me"
by helloparisa October 17, 2009
Parisa is a beautiful lovely girl who is very popular. She is lovely kind and caring and she is always thinking of others, everyone loves her because she is so honest. She will never let anyone bring her down, she will also never let anyone get in her way
by Lopelop April 28, 2014
A name meaning juvenile. People with the name Parisa are normally arrogant, prude, defenseless, horrendous looking, annoying, stubborn, and have no friends.
Did you know that Parisa girl got pissed on by that drunk man last night?
by Fab 4 July 01, 2009
Slang term for Houston area Emo of Persian descent.
The bandage aisle of CVS was full of Parisas today.
by 6251-7-2 July 30, 2009

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