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zah is pizza... i dont know how to make this twenty letters long... its just pizza
man im going to shralb some serious zah
by gord johnson May 30, 2005
Zah is word that means someones energy, power and spirit. I first heard it first while traveling in Egypt from my tour guide so I think it is probably from that part of the world.
That camel doesn't have enough zah to make it to Gaza.

Muhammad Ali had a ridiculous amount of zah and courage.

by Ashton Kovaen July 23, 2008
Originally yelled by farmers when trying to herd cattle or other livestock it is now used by homeowners of college parties in the midwest to shoo people either into or out of their house. Most typically used when the homeowners want to go to the bars and are trying to kick large numbers of people out. It can be used in any situation someone wants another person to move to a different location. Usually said in a louder tone and repeated to get people's attention to move somewhere else.
Alright we're going downtown. Everyone out! Zah! Zah!
by fireworks182 April 27, 2010
A word that is meaningless sober, but while under the influece of marijuana can mean anything.
1. This chronic is making me zah bro
2. This zah is totally chronic
3. Man, lets go get some zah
4. While running, he shouted "Zah!" to shoo the pedestrians away.
by DubbyZadam March 22, 2010
1. "ZAH!" Is an onomatopoeia, which emphasize joy and effect people positively.

2. The "ZAH" interjection serves also as an acronym for ZESTFUL ARTHOUSE PROJECTS.
Zestful Arthouse Projects, (ZAH Projects) is a foundation dedicated to Social Responsibility via Urban Arts.
by ZAH Projects June 18, 2014
shocking & surprised about something that recently happened that makes you randomly say "ZAH."
Jazmine walks up to Brandon and says "wow, you look awesome today!" Brandon is in shock and says "ZAH! Thank You Jazmine."
by jfav March 31, 2011
alternative for saying tight or cool
dude you hooked up with that milf? zah!
by bro montanya February 03, 2011
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