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verb; When someone messes something up or does something incredibly stupid, it could be said that they had "parfitted up" the said-thing. Is replaceable with "fucked up" or "messed up".
"Dude, how d'your exam go?"
"I parfitted that one up, that's for sure"

"Mandem, watch me clear this pond"
"You're going to parfitt it"
by athelstan_13 June 17, 2009
A green piece of poop.
Damn! I just did a parfitt! Shouldn't've eaten that broccoli.
by jamal j. November 29, 2006
what people now say when they've done somethin stupid. such as releasing toxic gas in to a room where people work, endangering there lives and later needing two fire engines to stop the gas.
"look at him what a parfitt!"
"dont go and do a parfitt you ass"
by MC SHITHEAD May 24, 2005

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