Abusers, Neglectors, and Drugheads. That is if they're ever around. Complete failures at life. Deserve to burn in hell forever.
I hate my parents, but I hate my boyfriend's more. He deserves better. Fuck parents, they Fail.
by xFxckYoux December 30, 2009
people who feed me clothe me and bathe me till im 21
your parents
by me December 06, 2003
The leaders of a france.

(see FRANCE for more info.)
My parents are the biggest france leaders around!
by The Squid March 20, 2003
The ones who brought you into this world
The ones who raised you, give you advice, &who you go to for guidance
The ones you trust, can count on, and go to for anything

If not for them you wouldn't be who you are now
I think mine just forget how to act like parents sometimes
by Epseudonym19 October 28, 2008
The people who being us in this world, give us a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, clothes on our backs, the majority of the money we spend, and unconditional love. They also put up with all the idiotic things we do as teens, they teach us more than any book ever could, they care for us no matter what, they look out for our best interests, they listen to us whine and complain, and try to relate to us. They are the people who we owe everything to yet we never give them anything.
A mom and a dad, grandparents, aunt and uncle, family, or someone who takes responsibility for our sorry butts.
All of you stop crying about what your parents won't let you do and learn to be grateful. Two-year olds act more mature than some of you do.
by Detrimental Deity January 15, 2006
the single thing in life of the new generation should respect but fails to do so. they call their parents a bitch because they want them home call their parents a bitch who jut bought them their 100 dollar shoes but doesn't give them 10 bux. calls these parents a bitch because these parents bathed you gave birth to you nurtured and would hesitate to die for you but set a couple of house rules. yeah some good kids this new generation look at yourselves in the mirror and when ur parents leave this world who's gonna be left for you to call a bitch for taking care of you
yeah dawg my mom juts got me these shoes they cost $160.00 bucks but shes a bitch cuz she won't give me 5 bux
by Battlegrounds baller March 02, 2005
some guys that may or may not have produced my life by the traditional human means, i just don't know anymore. at any rate, they are "christians" and we live in the southeastern u.s.a.
i hate my parents; they abused me really hard.
by power trip April 19, 2005

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